What Is a Life Coach?



A Life Coach is a professionally trained and experienced individual that primarily helps their clients with goal setting. The approach that Life Coaches use is future-focused. Life Coaches can specialize in different areas including Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Small Business Coaching, and Personal Development Coaching, or they can encompass various areas in both career and personal life settings.


What to Expect

 What I Offer

  • empathy and understanding
  • accountability with no bias or judgements
  • self-help tools such as:
    • positive affirmations
    • daily exercises to plan
    • goal setting sheets 
    • PDF documents with information catered to your coaching area(s) of choice

What I Do Not Offer:

  • mental health counselling or diagnosing mental illnesses
  • focusing on past experiences (with the exception that it ties in to the coaching session)

For information on mental health resources available in your area, please click this link.